Faction: Sons of the Red Star

Originally released in Mythic Legions 1.5, reissued in All-Stars 2.

This is the All-Stars 2 release.


The Mercurian Army was at one time arguably the most effective fighting force in all of Mythoss. Pixxus was among the upper echelon of these great warriors, fighting side by side with his legendary brother in arms, Vitus. In the final battle fought by the doomed Mercurian army, Pixxus gave his life in a heroic effort to save an injured Vitus. Once resurrected by the same Necronomian sorcery that drained his life, he is now consumed with hatred for all that live. His resentment toward the very power that tore him away from death led to his rejection of The Congregation of Necronominus. Pixxus has finally found his home with The Sons of The Red Star, where he can spread his hatred freely while lining his coffers with gold.

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