Elf Weapons

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Released in Advent of Decay.

Weapons meant for Elven characters, in a bright gold and silver. Includes long bow, short bow, quiver, arrow, large sword, short sword, twin Elven blades, large shield, and large two-handed axe.

Originally, during Advent of Decay, this set was going to be the only way to acquire any of these weapons, but as the Kickstarter pledges continued to rise, several weapons from this and the other weapons sets were added to various characters as bonus rewards. And of course, items from this set have been included with various subsequent characters.


I really like the Elven look of these weapons, they follow similar design cues as The Lord of the Rings films, which is perfect. The gold and silver are beautifully shiny, and they're much better weapons for the Elf characters to use than the ones they originally came with. For example, the Elf Legion Builder comes with the standard cruciform sword that every figure included in wave 1.0, but using these weapons greatly distinctifies the Elven characters.

This set was also released in Advent of Decay in a dark color scheme as the Vampire Weapons pack. A few Advent of Decay figures included one of these weapons as stretch goal bonuses, and following the Advent of Decay wave, most Elven and Vampire characters used weapons from this set instead of the ML 1.0 style weapons.

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