Faction: Congregation of Necronominus

Released in the original Kickstarter Mythic Legions 1.0, after many years and a $600 aftermarket value, Tibius was reissued in All-Stars 4, where I was finally able to acquire him.

This is the All-Stars 4 version.


One of the most ancient living skeletons roaming the earth, Tibius commands many of the deadlier battalions in Necromominus' army. Single-minded to a fault, he is consumed with recruiting soldiers and bolstering his ranks. A master fighter in his own right, Tibius is renowned for the savage skill he displays while wielding his twin swords on the battlefield.


All the skeleton figures are my favorites, and my only regret is not buying every single one of them when they were originally released. I passed on Tibius, Clavian, and both original Skeleton Legion Builders, due to lack of funds during the original Kickstarter, and I have kicked myself ever since. The standard Skeleton Legion Builder was reissued in All-Stars 2, and I bought several, and Tibius has finally been reissued, 5 years after his original debut. But I still lack Clavian and the Gold Skeleton Legion Builder, and Illgar.

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