Faction: Congregation of Necronominus

Released in the Mythic Legions 1.0 wave, and reissued in All-Stars 3.


As one of the three remaining children of Necronominus himself, Malleus is true underworld royalty. Serving as the ear of Necronominus until his master's return, he serves as judge, jury, and executioner to any who pose a threat to his father's teachings. A deeply devout follower of his father's word and scripture, Malleus quickly dispatches those who diverge from the path that has been chosen for his congregation.

I have both versions of the figure. Packaged photo is of the AS3, accessories picture is of the original ML1.0 version of the figure. There's a comparison shot of the two verions, AS3 on the left. They're very similar, but it seems to me the ML1.0 figure has more shiny silver paint on the armor, which makes it look more worn to me (and better). I do prefer the torso piece on the AS3, the way the dark wash is more even and feels almost intentional, rather than just dirty. The skull isn't quite as dark on the reissue, and I feel it matches the limbs of the original better, so all subsequent photos are of the original figure, except with the head and upper torso of the reissue. The arms and legs of the reissue, along with the head of the original, went to a custom skeleton black knight.

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