Wave 5: Advent of Decay

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43 Figures + 5 Weapons Packs

The second Kickstarter wave, which began in Jun 2016 and shipped out in Summer 2018, Advent of Decay was vastly popular, resulting in new stretch goal figure after stretch goal figure. This wave introduced female bodies, slim male bodies, and more new races, including elves and goblins.

The final count was 43 figures, up from the original 19 figures, 5 weapons sets (of double the quantity of items as the Wave 1 weapons sets), and 3 different colors of bone wings.

I pledged for quite a lot of the figures during the kickstarter, including all the vampires and skeletons and orcs and most of the goblins. Then during the subsequent pre-order on The Four Horsemen's site I added most of the knights and elves, and have picked up most of the strays on the aftermarket or All-Stars reissues since. It was during this frenzy that I decided I would pretty much nearly always buy every figure in this line, lest I skip some and then regret it later when they're unaffordable. As in the continuing case of Clavian and Urzokk.

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