What Did I Get Now? - Apr 2020

Sep 1, 2020

What did April bring to my collection?

That is a clear glass prism, when viewed from straight on, but raise your viewing angle a bit and suddenly it's got brilliant colors. Tricky to photograph if you want to avoid a bunch of reflections though.

There was a whole thing with an Amazon exclusive Skywarp figure last year, in the Transformers Siege line, which I wanted to get, but delayed getting, until it was suddenly gone and expensive on the aftermarket, so when they did a new Skywarp-ish repaint of that mold, I picked it up. It's not quite Skywarp, but it's a really good deco, plus it lacks the ugly battle damage silver splatters that all the regular Siege figures had.

I got a third party energy axe for Siege/Earthrise Prime, and some taller smokestacks for Siege Prime.

Also in that order was a bunch of weapons for Siege Ultra Magnus, vehicle mode missile launchers, an large gun for Magnus, and a G1-ish ion blaster for Prime, all of which combines in to an interesting looking hammer for combined mode Magnus.

I got the fourth of five figures from the Zeta Armageddon set, Take Off (aka Blast Off) (and as of this writing the last one is finally on its way to me, shipping out from BBTS today). Take Off cuts a really beefy, chunky profile in shuttle mode, and while the brown deco is pretty bland, I do like the look, and once I get around to stickering him up with the ToyHax set, he'll look pretty neat, I'm sure. Also, pretty nice looking bot-mode.

And that's it!
Wow, it kinda looks like I didn't get anything in April 2020. It was still early on in the COVID-19 pandemic (in the US, anyway), but I must have quite a few pre-orders that were delayed by both manufacturing shut downs in China, and by shipping shutdowns in China and Japan. In fact, as of this writing, most of the Japanese pre-orders that were scheduled from Mar-Aug are still are trapped in their origin countries, as I usually go with the cheapest, slow shipping, and that's what's still closed down. I should really contact the various web sites and see if I can have all my orders grouped and shipped out by one of the more expensive, but working shipping methods.
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