What Did I Get Now? - Jan 2020

Aug 15, 2020

Let's take a quick look at what was added to my collection in January (and maybe the end of Dec).

Picture of some lilies I got my wife for...her birthday a couple years ago, maybe? Anyway, let's start quick with some stuff I got for Christmas!

I don't yet read most of them, but I swear I will some day, that's why I'm colelcting them now - I got more of the Art of Marvel Studios Films books: Avengers Endgame and Spider-Man Far From Home!
I only just now noticed that if you open the cover all the way, it's Spider-Man and Mysterio fighting.

I got Star Wars Black 6" Emperor Palpatine, which I haven't yet opened, and two Darth Vader shirts, which is nice.

Also arrived was the latest (last?) SH Figuarts figure from Kamen Rider Gaim, Zangetsu Kachidoki Arms, which is gorgeous, of course. Haven't yet integrated it into my display, because I'm trying to rearrange my display room.

And finally, around the end of December I got the second figure in Fans Toys Not-Stunticons set, Spoiler (aka Breakdown). He is pretty great as a robot, so much so that even now, 8 months later, I've not yet bothered to convert him to car mode. Maybe when I get the next one?. Here he is next to Road King (aka Motormaster), the leader of the Stunticons.

And that will do for Christmas/end of December. Moving on to Jan this year, what shall we start with? How about Ocular Max Sphinx? He's alright, looks pretty decent, but had some significant enough shortcomings that I sold him off within like a month. Pretty great at running poses, though.

Mythic Legions Wasteland wave, looking fantastic, of course. Though it's been months and I still haven't opened a couple of them. I really need to focus on getting my display room cleaned out so I have places to display things, so I will open them as they arrive instead of waiting for months and months.

SHFs Last Jedi Rey and Rise of Skywalker Rey (neither of which have been opened yet. sigh.)

SHF Civil War War Machine (finally, only about 5 years after passing on the preorders).

Storm Collectibles MK3 Sektor, BBTS Exclusive version with flame thrower!

Fans Hobby Black God Armor, to go with Black Power Baser which I got last fall. He's a big one, even compared to the combined mode of Power Baser, but pictured here is the non-combined mode of Power Baser.

Another 3rd Party TF thing, War Within Optimus Prime, this thing is huge and awesome.

Got Toyhax stickers for various TFs: MP Ultra Magnus, Siege Ultra Magnus, Siege Skywarp, and the Zeta Combaticons set.

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary by one of my favorite people at Lucasfilm, Pablo Hidalgo! Which he was still doing conventions so I could see him at Salt Lake FanX again. Which Salt Lake FanX was happening this year, darn pandemic.

And I had some credit on eBay or some online retailer, or something, so I decided to try to collect the Fans Toys Aerialbots, because they look pretty great. I really like the two I have, but the price has gone up for the third one, so I'm kind of feeling like I'll not be completing the set. But in the meantime I've enjoyed taking pictures of these with my other jet-formers and the FT Stunticons.

And that takes care of January. Too much stuff, I'm sure, though some of it was pre-ordered months before-hand. Join us next time when I look at February's acquisitions.
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