What Did I Get Now? - Nov 2020

Aug 4, 2021

November was a good time for Star Wars figures, so we'll start with those. I picked up a couple of older SH Figuarts I was missing from The Force Awakens for a really good deal. the first is just labeled as First Order Stormtrooper, but with interchangable pauldrons can be a regular trooper, or squad leader, corporal, or sergeant rank. And contrary to what I said last sentence, The Executioner is from The Last Jedi.

Hasbro released a nice wave of Star Wars Black, in the new boxes with the neat artwork on the side. It's cool enough it makes me want to save and display all the boxes, but I think sanity will win that arguement and the boxes will end up in the trash (or being used to mail out loose figures I sell).

So anyway, I got a couple of Phase I Clone Troopers, and a Clone Lieutenant to boss them around. I did always like the officer decos on the Phase I clones. Also got Cad Bane, the rather very cool Bounty Hunter from The Clone Wars (who has also since made an impressive appearance in The Bad Batch). There's a new, improved articulation, Stormtrooper, and a nice new Endor Luke Skywalker, updated versions of Zeb and Kanan Jarrus from Rebels, and a couple of video game characters from the GameStop exclusive Gaming Greats subline, a scout trooper with a shock baton, and Darth Nihilus, the poster child from KOTOR 2.

Some misc pickups: McFarlane Toys has been doing 7" DC figures for a few years now, and I haven't really gotten into them, despite being a huge fan of Batman and how many variations they've already, so I finally picked up a couple of Bats figures. And while I love love love the films Jurassic Park/World I've been a bit wishy-washy on getting the 6" scale toys, because I'm not currently very impressed with Mattel's offerings. But when Delta was on sale at Amazon I grabbed her. And in the time since then I've gotten a bit better at trying to support the line, I buy most of them now, so I'm glad I got Delta back when I did.

I finally grabbed the original version GI Joe Classified Roadblock when it was on clearance. And more to my tastes, ninjas! The Cobra Red Ninja was released. I like the new redesign, but I'd also like them to release something that looks closer to the more well known ninja designs. But either way, it's a ninja so I'll buy it.

And finally on the higher end of the scale, Mezco and Storm Collectibles! Mezco released their Preivews Exclusive Stealth Suit Spider-Man (aka Night Monkey) from Far From Home, and I grabbed the regular version of Cable. Both figures are pretty neat. Cable displays well with Deadpool, and has a light up chest and eye, and a bunch of neat futuristicy weapons, and nicely detailed armor.

Spider-man is great, the Mezco versions are my favorite Spidey releases currently, but it looks like I neglected to take any useful pictures of the contents of the box, or the figure itself, other than this one of it lined up with the other Far From Home and the two Homecoming releases. They just need to figure out how to do a nice shiny metallic Iron Spider, and the new looks from No Way Home.

Storm Collectibles releeased an exclusive variation to the MK3 Sub-Zero in the form of a BBTS exclusive ice arms variant. When I played MK3 and MK4 I always played with the ice arm whenever I played as Sub-Zero, I had to get it. Plus I already had the exclusive variant of MK3 Scorpion so I felt they went well together. It's great and I love it. ... (I love all the SC MK figures).

A quick shot of the progress I had made in reorganizing and straightening up my storage room. And of all the MK boxes on their storage shelf.

The last thing to mention I got in Nov is the Assault and Ghost 1/12 scale weapon sets by Dragon Horse. I've done a separate post on those showing well they work with the various 6" figures I collect. Check it out: Dragon Horse Assault and Ghost Weapon Set Review.

And that's October. I sold quite a few items that have been in my collection for many, many years, and I spent some time doing a photographic comparison of the two Combaticons sets I have, both of which I intend to turn into posts here in the near future, so until next time, watch this space.
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