What Did I Get Now? - July 2020

Oct 8, 2020

Summer heat intensifies, and I hate it.

I got a book! I haven't read more than 3 books in the last 4 years or more, but I bought a book on the history of my favorite symphonic metal band, Epica.

The new GI Joe Classified 6" figure line by Hasbro started hitting in July, and I fell for it hard. I got all but one figure from wave 1, and I will grab that last figure one of these days. The figures are nicely poseable and well accessorized, and it's only gotten better.

Somewhat related, I decided to give the Gundam Universe line a try, which is also a 6" line of Gundam mobile suits, I got Banshee and the original, best Gundam, RX-78-2. But I really haven't opened them so I don't know if I will buy any others in the future. Except ones that will go with the original Gundam. Should probably return Banshee, since I don't want to get any others from Unicorn.

In the Kamen Rider SHF world, I got the new SS Den-O figure Sword/Gun Forms. But, I didn't open it until Sept, so I'll save the pictures for then. Also got SHF Avengers Endgame Hulk, which I also haven't opened, because I've already got like 6 or more, so probably won't open them until I reorganize my display room and have a place for them.

I got the Star Wars Black 6" Han in Carbonite, but since I sold the Boba Fett months ago, I decided to finally open The Mandalorian and The Child figures to take pics with it.

Finally, some Transformers. A twitter friend hooked me up with the Target Exclusive Earthrise Skywarp and Thundercracker set, of which I of course only cared about Skywarp. And in Masterpiece style, I got the Fans Toys Sheridan, an homage to Warpath. Pictured here with the two Fans Toys Stunticons I have.

And that was July. I don't really remember what happened, real world-wise, in July. Early in the year we had probably made tentative plans to do a summer trip with my parents, but with COVID all that was cancelled. My mom didn't even want to drive to Vegas to help her sister pack up her stuff to move up here by us, because I guess some of her relatives are of the COVID-is-a-liberal-hoax types, and she was definitely concerned about keeping everyone she interacted with safe and protected. So, anyway, that's that. August collection catch up post soon.
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