What Did I Get Now? - Aug 2020

Dec 28, 2020 / Feb 25, 2021

Jeez, what happened in Aug? In a good year it's already one of the more boring months of the year, in a strange year like 2020? I have no memory of it. My middle daughter turned 12, so I'm sure we did something for her birthday, but no big party or anything, probably only the cousins that live across the street. No outing for dinner, no movie. IDK. I'll have to go check twitter to see if anything happened that I shared there. For now, a picture.

From the Oregon Coast trip last year, think I got a nice capture of the water dripping into the tide pool.

The first thing I got in Aug was one of the Target exclusive Cobra Island GI Joe figures, Roadblock. I thought he was great. Wish I could have gotten a couple of Cobra Troopers though. I also received the Hasbro Pulse exclusive Deluxe Snake Eyes, finally. It's great.

Along with the GI Joe Classified line, I got back into the GI Joe Sigma 6 line in July/Aug, and started trying to pick up some figures I was missing (never had or had previously sold), with the intention of trying to acquire the entire line (which was my original plan years ago, which I then stepped back from and sold some off, so, the cycle restarts I guess). I picked up lots on eBay of loose figures with no accessories, a huge lot of just accessories, several new unopened figures from helpful friends on twitter, etc. I bought a lot of Sigma 6, and got so backed up on washing (some of them came from dusty storages or pet-occupied homes) and sorting through them that by mid-Sep, I think, I piled it all in a couple of boxes and stopped thinking about it. I'll have to get back into it some day, but probably not until I've made some progress in reorganizing the display room, so I have a place to put it all.

So far I have only opened Commando Snake Eyes.

Moving on to my one transformer of the month, I got a very large Optimus Prime figure, based on his look from the Bumblebee movie. I didn't see the film, though it looks better than the Michael Bay films, and a bit more like what I want to see from Transformers. The design itself is a good half-way point between the G1 look that I favor and the Bay-film designs. I only really bought it because when I was considering it, I noticed that one site had it listed for about $100 less than every other site, and I figures if I ever wanted to get it, now was the time, because it would be too expensive any time else.

And you know what, it's not bad. It may not quite be good, it's apparently fiddly as hell to change to truck mode, but the bot mode is pretty poseable, just be aware of all the moving and non-moving pieces, the paint is really great, shiny silvers and metalic gun-metals, and a nice amount of some tarnishing and grime, but not too much. It comes with a ton of accessories (I got the deluxe version, and I didn't even include them all in the photo, there's an ax/shield with energy effects, and blast effects, and a light up base with sound clips). Two of the guns light up, and the eyes light up too. I'm happy enough with it for now, and if they were to do Soundwave, and I could also get it for a severely discounted price as I did this one, I'd strongly consider it.

This Prime also includes some storage crates that can hold some of the accessories, or be used with other figures.

Storm Collectibles Mortal Kombat line continues to be one of the best, I got the MK3 Sub-Zero, which features the great new improved ninja body and some cool ice effects, and a bloody skull and spine bit, and some blood effects, which I won't use often, but I had to take one picture with..

And finally we come to what is probably the highest quality line I collect, but I am also the most lazy at opening, the Mezco One 12 Collectives. First up, Deluxe John Wick, Chapter 2 version. So many great accessories, and a dog (booo!). It's not on their most poseable body, but still is good enough, and it comes with so many things.

And to finish up this month, I got the Mezco Summer Con Exclusive Gomez figure, Gomez Clan of the Golden Dragons, a ninja version of their mascot, again with a ton of accessories.

Since that figure came out in Aug 2020, and it is now Feb 2021, you'd think I would have opened more than just looking at what's inside the box, but nope. Also since that figure came out, they released a red version of it, which I sadly missed.

But that's August. I didn't remember much about it when I started this post back at the end of Dec, and two months later I still don't rememeber anything about it. So, on to Sept!
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