2020 Goals Update - Sep

This update should be pretty short (in fact, I bet I just leave a lot of the same wording as last update). But before I get into it, let's find a picture to share...Here's one from the OR/CA trip last summer, just a couple of Imperial troopers relaxing for a minute while out on patrols.

Cousin Rish update: He's still writing every day, doing sit-ups every day, jogging every day (or maybe that one is something like every other day), and blogging about it every day. He mentioned to me this week it's getting really hard to keep up with, and he rather hates blogging every day about it, but it seems like a major accomplishment to me to be that consistent with that many somethings for 225 days in a row.
Check out his blog at Rish's Ramblings.

Things to accomplish in 2020
These were my goals to work on this year. (Read the original post, if interested.)

Weekly Goals 1 & 2: Bike and Watch Clone Wars M, W, S
Current progress: Zero. None. Nil
I have yet to get back on my exercise bike.

Weekly/Monthly Goals: Donate plasma T, F, and maintain 50 items listed on eBay
Progress: This is going well. The plasma is a steady income that helps me make my credit card payments, but by itself it's not enough, so I have been pretty good about keeping a steady churn on eBay. I'm not always at 50, not even at 40 consistently enough, but I have been regularly listing new things and making sales and covering my bills, with enough left over to let me buy stuff now and again.

General Goal: Plan and budget for toy purchases
Status: ehhh, not too bad. I had too many preorders in place that I'm still paying for on credit cards, but I am improving. I have been better about not pre-ordering every little thing that strikes my fancy, trying to be more picky about what I buy, and trying to cut down on the higher end expensive toys.

Weekly Goal: Clean out and organize my storage and display rooms.
Progress: Some great progress was made last month, but I've stalled out a bit this month cleaning out the rooms. I've been focusing on selling some of the stuff previously organized, but have done little to clean up/organize the stuff that will stay on display.

Weekly Goal: Low carb diet, particularly, no sugar.
Status: Doing fairly well this last month. No sugar, though I tried some sugar-free candy and seem to have gotten the same kind of sugar-headaches, so I won't be eating that stuff any more. Other low carb has gone well, too, except I got myself a bag of jalepeño tortilla chips, and didn't do quite as well as I intended at following the recommended serving sizes. I didn't eat the entire bag in one sitting, though, so that feels like progress to me.

Weekly Goal: Add 1 collectible photo to photo gallery, add 1 non-collectible photo to photo gallery
Status: I still haven't taken any pictures with my good camera. I've been sharing old previously un-shared pictures on my recent toy posts though, so that's something.

Goal: Add 4 items to Collection wiki
Progress: No new progress.

Monthly Goal: Post monthly progress updates
Status: this makes two updates in two sequential months, so, yay.

Monthly Goal: Make/Upload 1 Video Review
Status: Nope, no plans to even do so any time soon.

Monthly Goal: Monthly What I Got Posts?
Status: I have written several catch-up What I Got Posts, and have been enjoying it. I'll be sad when I'm all caught up and only have to do it once a month.

Q1 Milestone: Lose 30 pounds
Progress: I've been doing well having adjusted the food I eat, haven't yet got the hang of eating a bit less, and haven't been exercising yet, so I haven't bothered weighing myself yet.

Q1 Milestone: Complete Ocular Max Assaultus
Status: the last two figures are out, and I think I will probably order one at the end of the month once I'm sure all the bills are covered.

Q2 Milestone: Complete Zeta Armaggedon
Status: The last one arrived a few days ago, haven't opened it yet, but I should be stickering them up over the next few weeks, so maybe in Oct's update I will have some pictures of the complete set to share.

Q2 Milestone: Paying more on PPC
Progress: Nope, not yet.

Q3 Milestone: Complete Zeta Aerialbots
Progress: None, and contemplating leaving it off, as at the beginning of the year I started collecting the Fans Toys Aerialbots, which are much nicer figures, but also twice the price. Currently thinking I'll have to abandon those, only two figures in, as the price increased by $20-$30 on the third figure, and the Fans Toys Stunticons are more important to me (and also slightly cheaper).

Not a whole lot to share, but I did what I said I'd do, that's what matters right now.

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