Dragon Horse 1/12 Equipment set A ASSAULT and set B GHOST Review

June 1, 2021

As I mainly collect 1:12 scale figures currently, I occassionally browse for random accessory sets, and upon finding two weapon sets by Dragon Horse on Big Bad Toy Store, I preordered one of each, at $43 each. They arrived in back in November, and I did a brief review on twitter, which I wanted to collect here.

The Ghost set contains: a bunch of stuff I'm not really sure of. An assault rifle that Twitter friends told me is an HK426, an MP7 looking thing, various attachments for the previous two weapons, a handgun with attached suppressor and idk-a laser-dot sight?, a knife and sheath, a radio, knee pads, a holster, a thigh pouch, a belt, a tactical vest, and night vision goggles. Also instructions showing which pieces can connect to which, and how to use the wearable items.

The Assault set also contains a bunch of stuff I can't really identify, and a shotgun, the same HK426 assault rifle included in the Ghost set, and a more MP5 looking gun with a full stock, various attachments for the railed weapons, the same handgun as the Ghost set, only minus the suppressor, a desert eagle, a different knife but same sheath, a radio, knee pads, a holster, a thigh pouch, a belt, and a tactical vest. Also instructions showing which pieces can connect to which, and how to use the wearable items.

First up, the handguns. Comparing amongst themselves and to the assault rifle both sets include, they look like what I, a very much not-gun-knowledgable person, would expect, and they measure up well with recent offerings from other 6" lines: like the pistol from SH Figuarts Black Widow in the pic with the rifle, and a Star Wars blaster and pistol from GI Joe Classified.

How does they look/work for various figures to weild them? Very good, actually. Seen here with SH Figuarts Black Widow, Marvel Legends Black Widow, Marvel Legends Nick Fury, GI Joe Classified Beachhead, SH Figuarts Den-O, Articulated Icons Solitaire, and finally, a Mezco One:12 figure.

The extra gear is cool, though the night vision goggles are for figures with smaller heads, or no hair (like the AI ninjas). You'll

The TAC vests fitment varies a bit more from figure to figure than the weapons do, but even when the side tabs can't always be connected, it looks good on most of the figures. It looked quite good on the Mezco slim body, though the sides couldn't fasten. It can be fastened on the Articulated Icons body, and aside from the obvious upper torso, it doesn't interfere with the articulation. The thigh holsters work well on all of these bodies as well.

The rifles are similarly well suited to working with these same figures. The various accessories attach to the rails, or the suppressors to the barrels (be careful they're not too tight or you will break the barrel off).

So there they are. I find both sets to be quite fun, I'm quite glad I bought them. And since I originally received these items and started writing this review, I've decided I want more of them, and have bought 2 more of the Assault set, and am trying for another Ghost set. Though apparently they're getting tricky to find. None of the stores have them in stock any more, they appear to only be availalbe on eBay. Oh, Additionally, Dragon Horse has apparently just released desert variations of these two kits. I personally don't like tan as a color very much, and I don't like the mis-matched look of the tan and black look they have. But I did order two Desert Assault sets, because the Desert Eagle is gold in that set, but I feel I will probably resell the sets sans Deagles, and IDK, maybe the shotgun and thigh holster. Oh, and I'll probably keep the knives too. We'll see when I get them.

In conclusion, I like the sets a lot, they're great for gearing up figures that maybe have fewer accessories than you like, or if you just want some variety to figures you have several of. And if you can get them on eBay for under $50, I think you'll be pleased with them too.
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