What Did I Get Now? - Sep 2020

Feb 26, 2021

As with Aug, I have no idea what was going on in my life, or in the world, in September of last year, and I'm not about to go figure it out. Let's just look at toy pictures, yay.

Some time, who knows when, I was in SLC at night, and the green lights on the Salt Palace Convention Center rotunda looked need, so as I crossed the street I stopped in the middle and managed to take what I think is a decent picture.

September was apparently as busy month for purchases. Looks like we're starting the month off with the surprisingly great GI Joe Classified 6" line by Hasbro. Back when we still thought maybe the Target exclusives wouldn't be the nightmares to acquire that they turned into. My coworker stopped at a Target near his house and snagged Cobra Island Beach Head for me, who is pretty good, despite the boring green guns. the Amazon exclusive Arctic Mission Storm Shadow arrived then too.

A few days later the regular version of Cobra Commander arrived from...wherever I preorderd it. Amazon, maybe? I don't remember now. And about a week after helping me with Beach Head, my coworker was able to snag the Target Cobra Island Baroness right off the shelf for me. Woo hoo! (Sadly, he wasn't able to find the Cobra Trooper, and to this day I lack it, because I didn't want to pay $50 for it when it first hit, though now that's a freaking steal).

Cobra Commander is properly regal looking, and Baroness is just awesome. I don't particularly care for the bike, but it's a fun inclusion, plus she looks great with the helmet on, and she aside from the bike she still comes with a bunch of accessories, making her feel really worth the price. Even an elevated after-market price really. Though, I'm one of the lucky few who didn't have to pay that price.

Being as taken with the GI Joe line as I have been, I couldn't pass up a custom 3D printed Cobra throne somebody made to go with Cobra Commander. It was a decent price, though in the months since I've seen a few other options that have all been cheaper, or have included paint, so I might be getting another one or two, one of these days. I have 3 Cobra Commanders, after all.

I've always been a collector of the Star Wars Black 6" line, but my focus on it has waxed and waned over the years for a variety of reasons. Recently it's grown quite a bit, and I think in part it's been because of how good the GI Joe Classified line is, and also that they've been improving the figures a lot.

My point being, I got some Star Wars figures in Sept, and I suspect they will be regular features in the next few of these posts. First up, The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary reissues/updates of Darth Vader and Boba Fett. Clone Commander Bly from Revenge of the Sith, and then in the new packaing starting this year, a Stormtrooper, an entirely new figure with improved engineering.

Storm Collectibles is the company that makes the excellent Mortal Kombat figures I collect, but they also have a few other video game licenses, one of which is The Golden Axe game from way back in the day. I didn't play it a lot, but I have fond memories of it. But I didn't buy this figure for the property, so much as I knew they were good, and who doesn't want a small army of sword weilding skeletons? They are so much fun.

Den-O Plat Form came out this month, and that was one figure I didn't wait 6-12 months to ship. And as a pre-birthday present to myself, I bought a second Den-O Sword/Gun Form so I could display all the forms. Though in retrospect I learned I was supposed to buy duplicates of Plat Form, in order to display the extra forms from the two packs. That would have been good to know, because Plat Form is cheaper. But whatever, it's Den-O, I need them all.

I didn't buy it this month, but while cleaning my storage room I found the SHF SS Kuuga Amazing Mighty figure, and since I hadn't opened it when I did get it, I took some pics of it.

Going back to Storm Colelctibles, the SDCC exclusives for this year arrived, in the form a player 2 version of Raiden, and a modified version of the original Scorpion release, the only figure from this line that still eludes me to this day. This new version has all sorts of great flame effects, a new fiery skull alternate head. Raiden comes with some great lightning effect, that he put to good use to assist Emperor Palpatine (I think Raiden is the villain in the newer games).

I got a couple more Transformers, though this is pretty much it for the rest of the year, I believe. We got the next figure in the Fans Toys Non-Stunticons, Magnum, aka Wildrider, who is a beautiful car, and great robot, and looks great with Breakdown. And I finally finished off the Zeta Toys Armageddon collectin with Racket, aka Swindle. More on these next month.

And finally, a few Star Wars BTS books. The Mandalorian: The Art and Imagery, volumne One, which has a lot of beautiful concept art.

I picked up The Art of Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker, purely because the cover art is fantastic. And I like owning these kinds of books, and someday maybe I'll even read them. And I actually enjoyed Rise of Skywalker, the two times I saw it (though I'll admit to being afraid of watching it again, lest the many flaws wear down my enjoyment of it, as happened to the Prequels). But regardless of plot or story or whatever, it is a gorgeous film with many epic shots that I found enchanting, and I hope some of that is here in this Art book.

And so catches up September. Busy month, much purchased, and a lot of it was new purchases, not just pre-orders from many months previous. Next month it's my birthday!
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